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    Our Work:&nbsp


    At the refugee settlements where we work in Uganda, Alight hosts people from some of the most diversely populated camps in the world, with residents from DRC, Sudan, Somalia, South Sudan, Burundi, and several other countries.

    These settlements are abundant. The confluence of cultures makes for an energizing and creative environment, bursting with ideas. We work closely with these communities and other organizations operating within the camp, coordinating our services to meet the needs of the diverse andvibrantpopulation.

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    Violence prevention is crucial to helping families and individuals get back on their feet. Too often victims do not feel empowered to tell anyone about the abuse, and one of our goals is to encourage more women to report violent incidents. In this we’ve made great strides, utilizing community mobilization to unpack the power imbalances between men and women. We are constantly seeking out new opportunities and ways to support women and girls in not only feeling safe, but achieving their dreams.

    Community Services

    Refugee settlements in Uganda are large communities, with a diverse set of needs. We work to meet those needs in whatever ways we can, including assisting community groups to build and design schools, providing supportive counseling services, resettlement orientation, and providing the everyday items required to run a household.

    The World Refugee Day 5k

    The power of running is universal - it inspires personal triumph and pushes us to new heights and hopes.

    The World Refugee Day 5k brings the power of running - and racing - to Nakivale Settlement in UGanda. It's a run like no other. Gathering over 1,000 runners in Nakivale to race for hope, for fun, and for each other, it’s truly a joyous event. Refugees unite, bringing their all to the starting line. And they find unexpected strength, resiliency, and possibility along the way.

    The World Refugee Day 5k is a moment of power and possibility for the people of Nakivale. It's a time when everyone can show up to the starting line, regardless of who you are and where you're from. Everyone is in it together.

    – Randhir Singh, Uganda Country Director

    Uganda: Recent Info

    Reading, Dreaming, and Learning

    Building Nakivale Refugee Settlement’s First Library

    When Jim Wolford first visited Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda, he realized he had a lot to learn. Read More

    Community-Led Coronavirus Response in Nakivale Refugee Settlement

    The people we serve have the best ideas for how to solve this...

    At Alight (formerly American Refugee Committee), community connection is at the heart of what we do. We believe that everyone has a gift to give. That we live in an abundant world, filled with amazing people who want to help. And that the people in the very communities we serve have the best ideas to change their world for the better. Read More

    Kuja Kuja Wins Service Design Award

    Exciting news from team Kuja Kuja! We’re happy to announce that Kuja Kuja has won the Service Design Award from CORE77! “The platform is the first of its kind and entirely public,” the award notes, “a bold move for a humanitarian organization working in such challenging conditions.” (more…)

    The World Refugee Day 5k

    The World Refugee Day 5k is a race unlike any other.

    It gathers refugees, Ugandans, and friends from all over the world to come together and celebrate what’s possible. It shines a light on an often forgotten place, telling a story of hope and ideas, optimism and peace. And it's a moment of unity, with refugees from 13 different countries running together, all headed for the finish line. (more…)


    In 2016, American Refugee Committee held a first of its kind event in Kampala, Uganda, celebrating the ingenuity and creativity of refugee youth from Nakivale Refugee Settlement. (more…)

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