Tomorrow's sustainability report 2023 (2024)

We want to establish sustainable finance at the heart of society by offering a comprehensive and easy-to-use range of financial products. The focus is on ensuring that the money in our customers' accounts is used sustainably. We also want to encourage our customers to make their own financial decisions in a sustainable way. In 2023, we have further developed our offering and are providing even more features to help people understand their own financial situation and save or spend money responsibly.

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Our product innovations 2023

The new Monthly Summary

Intuitive and trustworthy break-down of individual spending habits per month, in order to create transparency for our customers and support better decision-making in financial decisions.

Auto Savings Feature

With the launch of this new feature, saving is done automatically and users are supported to save regularly and to potentially improve their control over finances and hence, their financial freedom in the future.

Rainy Day Fund (Pocket)

The Rainy Day Fund is a tool designed to help users in establishing a financial safety net with ease and minimal effort. By removing significant obstacles, it offers a means to enhance one's financial wellbeing.

Launch of the Quick Donation Feature

This feature enables us to respond quickly to issues and disasters and to launch appeals for donations for acute crises or organizations. You can find out more about the projects and organizations supported in section 5.3 “Climate protection and social projects”.

Also new in 2023

Launch of the Overdraft Feature

For even more security and flexibility for our customers, we have introduced the overdraft feature that can be used for unexpected costs.

In-app guides

In addition to the wide range of inspiration on financial topics in our magazine, we have also been offering financial guides directly in our app since 2023, which provide basic information and suggestions in the area of finance.

Impact milestones

We look back with pride on the impact milestones we achieved last year. To name just a few: We were able to implement further sustainable investment options, were listed among thetop 3 of the Fair Finance Guide, visited our Spekboom renaturation project in South Africa and were the first startup in Germany to give a crowdinvestor representative a seat in our Advisory Board to ensure even more participation. In addition, our community has rounded up and donated hundreds of thousands of Euro for climate protection and social projects and we have joined forces with 16 other financial institutions to change the banking system at the European level towards substantial sustainability.

January 2023

Rounding Up with Die Tafel: €51,712 were rounded up to facilitate access to food for the increasing number of people affected by poverty in Germany. A detailed description of the project can be found in the Sustainability Report 2022.

Rounding Up update: The Rounding Up feature now includes details on how much an individual user contributed to the respective project.

February 2023

New wave of Benefits partners: Since its launch, the Benefits feature has welcomed more than 80 brands.

On site in South Africa: Some Tomorrow team members visited the Spekboom renaturation project in South Africa, performed an internal audit and got to meet the EcoPlanet Bamboo Group team.

March 2023

Rounding Up with Climate Partner Foundation: €101,523 were rounded up to support good working conditions for on-site staff of the Spekboom renaturation project with the installation of rainwater collection tanks, worker safety training, a lunch feeding scheme and solar panels installations.

Fair Finance Guide: Tomorrow ranks 3rd in the Fair Finance Germany Guide with a 91% performance.

June 2023

Goodbye Footprint Feature: We have decided to say goodbye to our CO₂ Footprinting Feature. Tomorrow believes in systemic change and does not want to put the burden of solving the climate crisis on individuals.

Rounding Up with UNICEF: €155,695 were raised to provide direct support in response to the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

Crowd X Advisory Board: As our biggest investor, we are bringing the crowd into the most important body of the company: the Advisory Board. Welcome Anne Geiger!

August 2023

Investment option solar bonds: From June 13 to July 11, 2023, our customers invested €748,800 in the WIWIN Waldböcklheim solar investment project via the app and thus made an active contribution to the energy transition and the promotion of green and clean electricity.

September 2023

Our Planet, Our Business: More than 100 companies joined our initiative “Our planet, our business” with Entrepreneurs for Future for the Global Climate Strike.

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October 2023

Wind bond investment option: Together with our partner WIWIN, we made it possible for our customers to invest in the growth of wind energy: From August 23rd to October 25th, 2023, our customers invested a total of €514,050 in the Sickinger Höhe wind bond directly through the app.

November 2023

Sustainable Banking Coalition: Tomorrow participated in building the Sustainable Banking Coalition in Brussels alongside 16 other financial institutions. The Sustainable Banking Coalition is a group of financial stakeholders who have united to address market and policy failures and transform the current banking system towards substantial sustainability.

December 2023

REACT with Impact: We’ve been granted funds for the program “REACT with Impact” of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action of Germany (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz).

Rounding Up with Visions for Children: Our so far biggest Rounding Up project collected €375,868 to provide access to quality education and to improve the learning conditions of the Muaz Bin Jabal Middle School in Kabul province, Afghanistan.

Our value chain

Tomorrow has been focusing on tackling change across its value chain from applying strict criteria to the selection of partners or investments and also across its downstream fields of action, e.g. by addressing our customers’ financial planning or consumption decisions. We aim at improving efficiency by encouraging upstream suppliers to reduce their own footprints and by reducing the carbon impact of the products and services we offer.

With our strict criteria we make sure to offer our services throughout our value chain in respect of all human rights as described in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and have a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of discrimination in employment or service delivery, including on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality and physical ability.

By the end of 2023, we have also rolled out a sustainable supplier onboarding process detailing different methods to assess a supplier’s sustainability practices. This will be valid for all new suppliers of Tomorrow as of 2024.

Tomorrow's sustainability report 2023 (2024)
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