Ivory Velvet Cushion (2024)

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    • This premium cushion of high-quality fabrics adds a beautiful touch to your sweet home decor. It featuresa Velvetmaterial, a square shape and a simple design.
    • Section: Home-Bedroom
    • Colour: Ivory
    • Pattern: Velvet
    • Size/Dimensions: 45cm X 45cm
    • Care Instructions:Machine Wash Cold
    • Material: 100% Polyester
    • Style No: 127426009

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      Style Guide



      SIZE/AGEWeight (in KG)Height (in cm)CHEST (in cm)WAIST (in cm)HIPS (in cm)
      0-3 MONTHS4.5-656-6238.5- 4338.75-4337-42
      3-6 MONTHS6.0-8.062-6843-45.543-4542-44.75
      6-9 MONTHS8-9.568-7445.5-4745-46.544.75-47.5
      9-12 MONTHS9.5-1174-8047-49.546.5-48.7547.5-50


      SIZE/AGEWeight (in KG)Height (in cm)CHEST (in cm)WAIST (in cm)HIPS (in cm)
      3-6 MONTHS6.0-8.062-6843-45.543-4542-44.75
      6-12 MONTHSNA68-8045.5-49.545-48.7544.75-50
      12-18 MONTHSNA80-8649.5-50.7548.75-49.7550-51.5
      18-24 MONTHSNA86-9250.75-52.549.75-50.551.5-53


      SIZE/AGEWeight (in KG)Height (in cm)CHEST (in cm)WAIST (in cm)HIPS (in cm)
      2-3 YEARSNA92-9852.5-54.2550.5-52.553-56
      4-5 YEARSNA104-11056-5854.5-5560-62
      5-6 YEARSNA110-11658-60.555-5662-64
      7-8 YEARSNA122-12863-65 57-5866-70


      SIZE/AGEWeight (in KG)Height (in cm)CHEST (in cm)WAIST (in cm)HIPS (in cm)
      2-3 YEARSNA92-9852.5-54.2550.5-52.553-56
      4-5 YEARSNA104-11056-5854.5-5560-62
      5-6 YEARSNA110-11658-60.555-5662-64
      7-8 YEARSNA122-12863- 6457-5966-68


      SIZE/AGEWeight (in KG)Height (in cm)CHEST (in cm)WAIST (in cm)HIPS (in cm)


      SIZE/AGEWeight (in KG)Height (in cm)CHEST (in cm)WAIST (in cm)HIPS (in cm)
      8-9 YEARSNA128-13465-6858-6070-74
      9-10 YEARSNA134-14068-71.560-61.7574-77
      11-12 YEARSNA146-15275-7864-65.580.5-84
      13-14 YEARSNA158-16480-82.566-67.586-88
      15-16 YEARNA170-17685-8768-6990-92


      SIZE/AGEWeight (in KG)Height (in cm)CHEST (in cm)WAIST (in cm)HIPS (in cm)
      UK8NA 806288
      UK10NA 856793
      UK12NA 907298

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      Ivory Velvet Cushion (2024)
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