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Navigating the downside of a startup and becoming a VC investor - Sam Wen (Square, Volley Travel, Green Visor Capital) - S2 Ep18

Jul 07, 2024

From an idea to a $38B business, the early stories of Square - Sam Wen (Co-founder of Square, Partner at Green Visor Capital) - S2 Ep18

Jun 26, 2024

Founding Tueri, shutting it down, becoming a venture capital investor and writing the product-market fit newsletter - Guillermo Flor (GoHub Ventures) - S2 Ep17

Jun 05, 2024

A CTO perspective on building a startup, founding multiples fintech and becoming a startup mentor - Paul Barnes-Hoggett (Alice, Daylight) - S2 Ep16

May 30, 2024

A day in the life of a VC investor, what an investment process looks like, how long VCs spend on a pitch deck, opportunities for 2024 - Lauri Kokkila (Inventure VC) - S2 Ep15

May 22, 2024

Shaping the music marketing industry for the digital age and forming a cap table with DJs, Artist and Angels - Alex Brees (un:hurd) - S2 Ep14

May 16, 2024

State of the fundraising market (trends, valuations, equity splits, shutdowns) - Peter Walker (Carta)

May 09, 2024

Venture Studio 101 - Dallas Price (Forum Ventures)

May 01, 2024

Building a startup at 4am before school, going through Y-Combinator, exiting from his first startup and becoming an angel investor - Nate Matherson (Positional) - S2 Ep13

Apr 24, 2024

Reinventing plant-based meat with filet experiences, collaborating with a Michelin Star Chef, raising $100M and buying a factory - Martin Habfast (Umiami) - S2 Ep12

Apr 17, 2024

Driving innovation in the truck industry and joining a venture studio - Saurabh 'Jas' Jaiswal (SmartHaul) - S2 Ep11

Apr 08, 2024

Dropping out to build a zero-knowledge identification solution for online privacy, securing $2.5M in 2 days after struggling for 2 years - Ana Pricop (Outdid.io) - S2 Ep10

Apr 03, 2024

Building the Shopify of the circular economy, shaping the future of commerce and raising 8M€ from Finland - Tuomo Laine (Twice Commerce) - S2 Ep9

Mar 27, 2024

From managing a product at N26 to putting AI to work across many different apps and raising 2M€ in a pre-seed round - Jack Lancaster (Spoke.Ai) - S2 Ep8

Mar 20, 2024

From the military to building the Starbucks app as a service, going through Y-Combinator and raising $2.3M to launch Per Diem - Tomer Molovinsky (Per Diem) - S2 Ep7

Mar 12, 2024

Mobilizing millions of people to fund climate solutions, leading a Rocket Internet company in the Philippines and accidentally becoming a VC - Jacqueline Van Den Ende (Carbon Equity) - S2 Ep6

Mar 05, 2024

Bootstrapping OpenVC, reaching profitability in 2 years, becoming product of the month on Product Hunt, closing Petri and saying no to $800k from investors - Stephane Nasser (OpenVC) - S2 Ep5

Feb 27, 2024

Going through Y-Combinator, meeting Mark Zuckerberg, selling Earbits for $8M and founding 2 VCs firms - Yotam Rosenbaum (The Access Fund | 77 Partners) - S2 Ep4

Feb 20, 2024

Building a new product category from scratch, meeting his co-founder on Twitter and partnering with HubSpot - Daniel Zarick (Arrows.to) - S2 Ep3

Feb 13, 2024

From 100k to 1.4M followers in 2-month, the story behind one of the most followed tech brands on instagram - Abi Bouhmaida (For Good Code) - S2 Ep2

Feb 01, 2024

From NFL Wide Receiver to Startup Founder and CEO - Kevin Jurovich (Circles) - S2 Ep1

Jan 24, 2024

#7 - Behind the transactions : understanding PayPal and the payment market - Francis Barel (PayPal)

Jan 19, 2024

#6 - Exploring the role of AI in the future of work and navigating the new corporate world - Naomi Titleman (former HR VP American Express - FutureHRforward)

Jan 15, 2024

#5 - Creating powerful personal brands for CEOs - Tima Elhajj

Dec 07, 2023

#4 - Designing a sustainable future for the planet and the economy - Dr. Leyla Acaroglu

Nov 14, 2023

#3 - The power of brands, learnings from Coca Cola and Starbucks - David Pullara

Oct 26, 2023

#2 - Simplifying the complex and telling stories through data visualization - James Eagle

Sep 06, 2023

#1 - Working in FinTech startups and being an angel investor - Basile Senesi (Arc Technology)

Aug 08, 2023
Explore Podcast | Startups Founders and Investors (2024)
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