90 Day Fiance The Other Way Couples Still Together (2024)

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Couples Still Together (1)

If you’ve indulged in all things 90 Day Fiancé, here’s a comprehensive list of which 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couples are still together.

There’s a lot of content to consume in the 90 Day Fiancé universe. The original show follows couples who have received a K-1 visa, which is uniquely available to betrothed partners of US citizens. The Other Way is exactly what it sounds like—American couples who move to their partner’s home country in hopes of a great marriage.

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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs on TLC on Mondays at 8/7 p.m.

Which 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couples are still together?

Sumit & Jenny

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Couples Still Together (2)

Status: Still Together

Season 1-3 alums Sumit and Jenny shocked the world when it was discovered that Sumit was already married under the guise of an arranged marriage in India. However, after working it out, it seems like Jenny and Sumit are still together and are living their love life up in India on their social media accounts.

Kenneth & Armando

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Couples Still Together (3)

Status: Still Together

Kenneth and Armando are still together from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way seasons 2, 3, and 5.

Yup, Kenny and Armando are still together, at least, according to their social media accounts. They’ve been traveling a lot recently, sharing a post of them partying together in early November 2023. They’re also meeting with potential surrogates to welcome another member into their family, in addition to Armando’s daughter Hannah.

“I don’t know how a lady could do this; get pregnant and just give it up. So, these are comments that I hear in my family,” Armando explained. “Will feel something, yes, but in my mind, it’s like a gift that I will give you to have your own family,” she replied. Tears began welling in Armando’s eyes while Kenny rubbed his shoulder. “Exactly how she said she was with her children, that’s exactly how Hannah’s mom was with Hannah. I think if we pick Gema, I do imagine in our future that she’ll be a part of our family after the child is born.”

In an interview with ET published in October, Kenny gave an update as to how their search for a surrogate was going. “Armando is still in Mexico but we’re like, this close to it happening,” he said. “Everything’s been approved, everything’s done, but we’re just waiting on the interview. Everything’s going really slow but any day.”

He continued: “Well, it took me a bit to come along with it, I was letting things in my head get to me,” he also shared about changing his mind about having a baby. “We do have an age gap, but you know, at the end of the day, I thought, you know, we’re in love, we want to add to our family. We have a lot of love and love to give so we’re going through with surrogacy, and we are doing it.”

Despite his initial hesitations, Kenny said he was “beyond excited. [Armando’s] very excited so it’s like, it’s a blessing. I’m not the kind that lives with regrets and you know, I don’t want to live with regrets. I was at a pivotal moment there.

Kenny and Armando are back, but unlike how you’ve ever seen them before. A potential move to Mexico City stirs up a power struggle between the two and as they look into surrogacy, tensions between this normally united pair begin to boil over, shaking the foundation of their relationship.

“One of the reasons Kenny moved to Mexico is because it’d be difficult to bring Hannah to the U.S. because she doesn’t know English and having lost her mother, I think it’s important to keep her near the family,” Armando said in a confessional.A week after Kenny arrived in Mexico, he popped the question and it looks like they’re still going strong. The pair celebrated their two-year anniversary recently.

Ariela & Biniyam

Status: Still Together

Ariela and Biniyam are still together after appearing together on90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way and 90 Day Fiancéseason 9 together. They’re raising their child Aviel after their move to New Jersey.

Tim & Melyza

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Couples Still Together (5)

Status: Still Together

Fans were worried that Tim & Melyza were split when she wasn’t seen with her ring on in her Instagram posts. But rest assured, the couple continues to stay private after their time on 90 Day Fiancé and they just welcomed their first child together in September 2023.

Alina & Steven

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Couples Still Together (6)

Status: Still Together

Alina and Steven are still together after appearing on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Fans were shocked to know that the marriage worked out after Steven’s continuous infidelities and sliding into many women’s DMs during the show. However, after the wedding, Steven claimed that he was a changed man. The couple ended up moving to Turkey, but aren’t settled down just yet. The two are continuing their traveling journies together on their Instagram.

Ellie & Victor

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Couples Still Together (7)

Status: Still Together

Ellie and Victor are still together after appearing on 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way. The couple married in June 12, 2021, and are living it up in Seattle with their dog.

Nicole & Mahmoud

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Couples Still Together (8)

Status: Together!

Are Nicole and Mahmoud still together from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way? Nicole met Mahmoud in a fabric store on her last day of a spiritual tour through Egypt. On that very first day, he proposed. Nicole traveled back to Egypt three weeks later to get married, without informing her family and friends until after the fact. She was ready to go all-in on her move to Egypt, but Nicole was worried that some cultural differences may be too big to overcome, like choices of clothing. In the episode that aired on March 12, 2023, Nicole told her husband she would never wear a hijab again which caused a particularly thorny discussion. “This is how I am, and I’m never going to change my mind about that, Nicole,” said Mahmoud firmly. She responded, “I’m never going to change my mind about it either.”

It certainly seemed like the couple was destined for failure as Nicole began to collect her things and move back to the US. “You don’t want me, I’m gone. I gave up everything and I came here to be with you. And now, you say you don’t want me anymore because I won’t wear the f—ing clothes you want? F— you,” she told Mahmoud. “I want to see if you really want me or not,” he told Nicole. “What the f—, Mahmoud?” she asked. “I came all this way, you think I don’t want you?”

Later in the season, Nicole introduced her husband to her new progressive Egyptian friend, Nouran. Nouran, like Nicole, doesn’t wear a hijab or cover herself modestly. “My impression about Mahmoud is he’s very stereotypical,” Nouran told the cameras. “The typical Egyptian man … he feels safe in this [modesty] zone and feels like there’s threat outside of this zone because he doesn’t know anything else.”

When Mahmoud and Nouran butted heads over whether Nicole should be allowed to attend a co-ed yoga class—”So now you’re blaming the wrongdoings of men on Nicole, or on women? Because men are looking and staring and fantasizing, then women should accommodate to that?” He replied, “Our relationship is haram [forbidden] if my wife does that around people,”—Nicole shared later that she was “proud” of her husband for standing up for his beliefs. “She’s a strong woman, and I was actually really proud of my husband,” Nicole said. “He didn’t storm off and be mad, he just told it like he knows it and never wavered from who he is, which is really standard Mahmoud.”

On March 23, 2023, Mahmoud wished Nicole a happy birthday on Instagram, so we have to assume they’re still together. “You’re the best thing ever happened to me I love you more than anything. With age some people tend to lose their charm but you become charming wiser and more fun to spend time with. You are a beautiful soul and I am glad to make me a part of your life on this earth. I wish you a very happy birthday and hope that more fun, and joy comes to your life.” She responded: “Now I know for sure my husband is the sweetest guy on the whole planet 🌎 I love you more than anything Mr Mahmoud.”

Tejaswi & Kimberly

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Couples Still Together (9)

Status: Still Together

In an episode that aired on October 23, 2023, Kimberly and Tejaswi revealed that were married. “Indian weddings are like a marathon,” Kimberly said in the episode, referring to the multiple ceremonies that she and TJ had to partake in before they were declared husband and wife.

On social media, they’re super loved-up. Reflecting on their wedding, TJ wrote: “You know what, I rediscovered the significance of hope and happiness in my life. Every twist and turn in our journey molds our belief system, and it’s something to cherish. I am proud of myself that I lived everything and enjoyed the moment with unwavering optimism and positivity, which is the true path to inner joy. 🌞❤️”

Kimberly, a clairvoyant based in Alabama, first met her fiancé TJ in a dream before falling for him over social media. After spending time together in India, the two got engaged. Now TJ is planning an elaborate Indian wedding, and Kimberly is frustrated that she’s been left out of the process.

During their debut on season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Tejaswi revealed he met Kimberly two years prior after joining a spiritual group on social media, looking for like-minded individuals. While Kimberly initially ignored his friend request, he called her his “destiny” and started manifesting that he’d get a response. “So, I just took a screenshot of Kimberly’s profile picture and started meditation that she should text me,” he said in his confessional on the July 17 episode. “And she texted me the next day.”

Kimberly revealed that she too felt a spiritual connection. “One day I just, I had a dream. And that dream helped me find my fiancé,” she explained. “We were in the desert riding dune buggies and I could just tell how happy I was. We were moving fast and having fun just feeling free. It felt like a metaphor for the life that I was going to have with this person.”

TJ described his family as traditional, meaning there are certain expectations on Kimberly and her role as a wife. “My family expects for Kimberly to be like a traditional wife in India,” he told producers. “Contributing to the household work. But I’m not telling Kimberly. Right now, the priority is just like, get married first, all other things can be talked later on.”

During an episode that aired on August 7, they had a heated discussion about their cultural differences. “My feelings are still hurt. It hurt that you just got up and left and you refused to just say that you heard me,” she told him after the fight. “I know I get aggressive and I know I get angry, and sometimes I can’t help but cuss.”

In a teaser trailer, Kimberly said, “I’m not excited to get married.” Though, a couple weeks beforehand, she posted a picture onInstagramof herself in a traditional Indian dress with the caption confirming that they were still together. “Sitting on stage at my Roka ceremony, I felt like the Queen has arrived. The love and excitement in the air were palpable, and I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by all the newness going on around me. It was a moment of pure confidence, knowing that I had found my forever partner. To my King, love truly makes us feel like forever royalty! Love always, Your Rani ✨💖”

Holly & Wayne

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Couples Still Together (10)

Status: Still together.

Holly is a fairy-tale-obsessed barber from Utah. Wayne is an entrepreneur who owns his own plumbing business in Johannesburg and they met on a Jehovah’s Witnesses dating site. Friends and family worry about her safety in South Africa, but Holly feels that the chance of finally finding her prince charming is worth the risk of moving into a home that has already been broken into three times. Her mother isn’t so sure, and is coming along to check things out for herself.

“When I get to South Africa, I’m marrying Wayne in a week,” Holly said on the season 5 premiere. “I know it’s really quick, but we’re really ready. And, we’re waiting until we’re married to have sex, and so we’re excited to do that as well.” In the meantime, Holly’s mother plans to move to South Africa to take Wayne’s spot in his bed, next to his fiance, to curb any temptation they might have by jumping the gun.

On October 2023, Holly posted a TikTok featuring her husband which she captioned over the video, “My husband didn’t want to be on Tic Tok [sic] so I made an executive decision and decided it was in his best interest.”

Shekinah & Sarper

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Couples Still Together (11)

Status: Still together

During a trip to Turkey, Shekinah, an aesthetician based in LA, met Sarper, a model and personal trainer. Their sexual chemistry was off the charts and after only two days, they both fell head over heels for each other. Shekinah’s friends and family try to warn her that Sarper is really a playboy, and she is repeating a pattern of falling for an attractive man despite the red flags, but Shekinah insists that this time is different. Once abroad, Shekinah tries to lay down ground rules for Sarper, but he balks at her efforts to control him. The more time they spend together, the more shocking discoveries are made, leading the two lovebirds to question how well they really know each other. Rest assured, the couple is still together and post each other on Instagram constantly. In fact, they posted videos of them kissing right before the finale.

Brandan & Mary

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Couples Still Together (12)

Status: Still Together

Yes, Brandan and Mary are still together, seemingly at least. They both follow each other on Instagram and he posted posing with Mary in mid-November 2023, celebrating the holidays.

Brandan and Mary reached a few relationship milestones throughout the season. On the episode that aired on October 2: engagement. But both of them admitted it wasn’t great timing. “I know that we’re not ready yet because we’re still struggling and I’m still really stressing so bad,” Mary said in a confessional. “So I’m just saying yes because I need to and I don’t want him to be hurt or anything, so I just say yes.”

In another revelation, Mary revealed that she was pregnant and in a teaser for another episode, Mary complained that Brandan isn’t helping her around the house since she found out she was expecting. “Since I found out that I was pregnant, I’m doing all the chores and he’ll like wake up, at like 12 or 1, playing video games all the time. I really wish he would help.”

Brandan and Mary have never met in person, yet they spend every waking (and sleeping) hour on video calls with each other. “Mary wants to know what I’m doing. She’s very clingy,” Brandan explainedin ateaserfor season five. “I really like that because I’m kind of the same way. We have similar past histories.”

This arguably obsessive behavior has led their friends and families to oppose the relationship, but not being together is no longer an option for these two. Both have made extraordinary sacrifices to prove their love to one another and Brandan has invested everything he has into building a home for them in the Philippines.

“You guys have built a foundation on jealousy and distrust, it’s pretty rocky,” Brandan’s mom told him inanother scene.“You can’t see me ‘cause I live in a house full of females, you can’t spend time with your siblings because she is a female and she has friends possibly, that might come over.” Obviously, there are a few obstacles for Brandan and Mary to overcome with family.

And it seems like they powered through it!In Touch Weeklyreported that the two married in July 2023. The outlet also reported that the two are expecting. Mary’s mother Angela posted (and subsequently deleted) a meme on Instagram that could hint that her daughter’s pregnant.

“In ten years’ time, I’ll have a 21 and 16-year-old, carry on,” the meme read. Angela reposted the photo, captioning the meme, “I’ll have a 34, 26 & 23-year-old AND a 10-year-old grandbaby!!! Hot damn!!” A person claiming to be Brendan’s cousin seemingly confirmed the pregnancy. “Angela and Brandan are my cousins and I cannot wait to see how this plays out when it comes to Mary,” she wrote. In another response, she added, “And they’re having a baby, Mary is actually a very sweet person.”

Gabe & Isabel

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Couples Still Together (13)

Status: Still Together

When we’re introduced to the couple, Gabe is a budding entrepreneur who traveled to Colombia for work. He met Isabel who accepted him for who he is, a transgender man, and said they felt “immediate chemistry”. As their relationship fortifies, so do their fears of acceptance. “That night we went out, we was kissing, we was dancing. We was hugging. It was a great night,” Gabe told producers during their January 2023 debut, before admitting he was “relieved” to find out Isabel didn’t want to have sex on their first meeting. “Because she did not know that I was trans.”

As the first trans person to feature on the show, Gabe admitted to ET in February 2023 that there was a unique pressure. “It feels like I have to live up to an expectation,” he said. “And it’s scary, because I never know what I’m doing. I’m kind of just winging it at life. So it’s just … I just don’t know what to expect, ever. Because I just I don’t plan anything. Really.” He added:“I always give people my social media before I even get on the date with them, before, like, I even give them my phone number. … Because people, when you see me, they won’t know.”

Indeed, Isabel was surprised that Gabe is trans and had no idea. “I began to see photos of his surgery. I began seeing that he was a trans guy,” she said during a confessional. “That was a big surprise for me. I would have never noticed because Gabe just looks like a man. I had a lot of questions because when I met him, I didn’t see any feminine traits in his body, voice, his face. Everything was perfectly of a man.” She expanded on this point in a later episode. “I didn’t know what I was going to find in a physical sense,” she said during the February 19 episode. “I didn’t even know what those surgeries entailed. For me, [being intimate] was something incredible — and still is.”

The two celebrated their one-year anniversary on November 13, 2023. “Happy 1 year wedding Anniversary.@isabel90dayslooking forward for more to come” Gabe posted on his Instagram.

Josh & Lily

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Couples Still Together (14)

Status: Still Together

A newcomer couple in season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, LIly and Josh seem to still be together after making a joint Instagram, Cameo and TikTok account.

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